Spark! Discovery Boxes

This is the original range of discovery boxes, designed for children aged 8 to 12. Each set comes with our specially researched and designed guides. These guides are updated every once in a while and can be downloaded from this site or sent to you via email. Items in the boxes will also differ at times, as new products come on the market replacing older versions. The guides will reflect these changes. Register here for full access to all guides.

We love your kits! We have been trying to introduce science experiences into our libraries and find it a challenge to provide appropriate support for non-science staff to deliver programs. Your kits fill a gap for us – thanks!  Richmond Tweed Regional Library

Spark! Discovery Boxes are themed science and nature sets from Children’s Discovery. The kits are aimed at children between three and twelve years of age, to share and explore with guidance from other family members. Each box contains scientific objects, books and activity worksheets that allow families to investigate scientific ideas and the world around them. Hopefully, coming soon to a library or community space near you!

The Spark! Discovery Box range currently covers ten broad topics.  

Example contents below:


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