Little Bang Discovery Plus

Little Bang® Discovery Plus is the second discovery science experience for children aged between 4 and 5 years old and/or early primary who, together with their accompanying adults, have completed the first Little Bang Discovery Club®

There are new experiments to conduct each time with further investigations to explore at home and share during the next session.

Once again, each child will be issued with a new Discovery Plus box with tools and materials to use for investigations. A new passport is also available for stamping after each session. The final session concludes with a celebration.

Educators may choose to run all eight sessions, or split between two terms.

An absolutely excellent program, that encouraged me to do further research and add to the program, to suit the scientists. I cannot speak highly enough of it.

Kind regards, Jeannie, Community Library Assistant


Session 1: Taking a Scientific Approach and Investigations

In this first session, we revisit the scientific principles learnt in the Little Bang Discovery Club®. We explore how to make investigations fair by working out what one thing to change while keeping everything else the same.

Session 2: Lovely Light and Equipment in Science

We use light day and night. Do some investigations to explore more about the way light works. Like scientists, we will describe the equipment we are using in our experiments.

Session 3: Wonderful Water and Measuring Accurately

Water makes life on Earth possible so we look in depth at all the things water does for us. Scientists also need to measure accurately, so we practise these skills.

Session 4: Our Precious Planet and Investigation Steps

Today we learn what makes our planet so special. Acting scientifically means doing things in a careful and step-by-step (methodical) way. This allows us to be more confident in finding out how things work.

Session 5 Physical Change and Making Close Observations

Experiments often result in changes. We explore different types of physical changes and learn about solids, liquids and gases. We will practise making observations and being curious about why things change.

Session 6 Always-there Air and Recording Results

Although we don’t often notice it, we use air every second. During today’s investigations we do some air-mazing experiments. We will practise recording our results in different ways.

Session 7 Chemical Change and Visually Representing Results

Experiments can also result in chemical changes where compounds can combine to make something new. We will visually represent our experiments using a group graph.

Session 8 Our Beautiful Bodies and Looking for Patterns

Our bodies are amazing sense machines. Learn about some lesser known senses and look for patterns in our experimental results that help support our theories. The final session also concludes with a Graduation and celebration. Don’t forget to collect feedback forms too!

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