Little Bang Discovery Club

Little Bang Discovery Club

Preschool 3 to 5 year olds and
Primary school 6 to 8 year olds

Young children have an innate sense of curiosity about the world, constantly asking “Why?” at life’s many wonders. 

Children’s Discovery aims to capture and develop children’s inquisitiveness with the Little Bang Discovery Club®.

Little Bang is a four-part program for children aged 3 – 5 years old (and older, with modifications). Through a series of engaging experiences and hand-on activities using everyday objects, children and their accompanying adults learn the basics of science: collecting, classifying, measuring and experimenting. In the final session, children take part in a mini Science Fair, showcasing their own investigations and discoveries.

Children who join the Little Bang Discovery Club are loaned a Little Bang Discovery Box which houses exciting treasures for the curious mind to sift through and explore, along side a copy of our very own Little Bang Book of Discovery.

The Little Bang Discovery Club has been carefully rolled out across regional and metropolitan Australia since 2016. So far, our ‘train-the-trainer’ professional development facilitator training has resulted in over 500 librarians trained to deliver the program in more than 180 libraries across Australia.  There is now also an extension program for children who have completed the first iteration – Little Bang Discovery Plus.


Session 1: Collecting and Classifying

Being a junior discoverer takes some special skills. In this first session you will learn how to sort and match objects from around the home and from the Discovery Box we loan to you for the duration of the course.

Session 2: Measuring

In this session we will learn all about weighing and measuring – one of the first and most important skills of early discoverers. Learn how to balance unevenly weighted objects so you can make your own mobile at home

Session 3: Experimenting

Today we will ask lots of questions and design our own experiments to find the answers. We put our measuring, observation and recording skills to the test. We will prepare you to undertake your own experiment at home for next week’s science fair.

Session 4: Science Fair

In our final session the children will take part in their very own science fair, sharing what they have discovered in their own experiment. Then enjoy more table-top science activities and finally there is a graduation ceremony where each child will receive a certificate.

Little Bang Discovery Club® Flyer

Little Bang Discovery Club

Little Bang Discovery Plus

Little Bang Discovery Plus

How public libraries contribute to the STEM agenda

Little Bang Discovery Club® FEATURES in advocacy publication
- How public libraries contribute to the STEM Agenda

Training is now being offered to public library librarians and also those working in early childhood and primary education, home school and other community educations settings.

"It gave us ideas about how to easily incorporate science into everyday activities"  - Mother of 4 year old, Mitchem Library SA, Nov 22

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