The team at Children's Discovery create hands-on experiences during school holidays, at local venues such as libraries, at birthday parties and at National and International events.

Workshops coming up are:

‘Salt Water Racer’ is on at Lionel Bowen Library in Maroubra for Years 3 - 6 on 2 March at 3.45pm.

'Dinosaur Doings' is on at West Ryde Library for ages 5 - 12 on 7 March at 4pm.

'Meet Eddy'  is on at Lionel Bowen Library in Maroubra for Years 3 - 6 on 9 March at 3.45pm.

'Air All Around Us' is on at Ryde Library for ages 5 - 12 on Monday 27 March at 4pm.

In term 1, the four week  Little Bang Discovery Club  starts at
Ryde Library at 11am for for pre-schoolers with an adult co-learner on Monday 20 February.
Castle Hill Library at 10am for pre-schoolers with an adult co-learner on Friday 24 February
Bowen Libraryin Maroubra at 10.30am for pre-schoolers with an adult co-learner on Tuesday 14 March

Contact us for more information about our upcoming events

Children's Discovery Museum Limited ABN 16 103 244 408