MadLab is a unique, hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults. Workshop participants learn safe use of a soldering iron as they assemble electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards. Children's Discovery (in our various forms) has been offering MadLab workshops and selling these well-designed MadLab kits across the southern hemisphere since 1996.

There are currently over fifty MadLab kits which people can make - the simplest being Flashing Lights, the most complicated a programmable robot which is able to find its way around a maze. The excitement of MadLab is learning how to safely use a soldering iron, and actually being able to make and take home a working electronic circuit. 

MadLab was formed more than twenty-five years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland and during its existence has grown from a tiny workshop to a major event staged for science festivals around the world. In this period over 200 000 MadLab kits have been built in more than a dozen countries. 

MadLab is universally popular with both young children (we recommend over 8 year old) and adults (we recommend ages under 99 years old!) with both boys and girls being equally attracted to the creative projects available.  For many, MadLab is the first opportunity to construct an electronic gadget. MadLab aims to broaden the exposure of people of all ages to interactive electronics. Please contact us for more information about MadLab workshops and kits. MadLab Birthday Parties are available in Sydney! 

Adam shows you how to solder: VIDEO

MadLab for festivals
MadLab for schools
MadLab at National Science Week

Maker (Machine) Lab

Let's face it - we all just want to build stuff! How satisfying is it use saws, drills, hammers, drivers and other hand tools in the pursuit of constructing an amazing project?

We teach children safe use of common handy tools as they design, prototype and construct fabulous machines and artefacts.

Our most popular Maker Lab projects include Pinball machine,  Rube-Goldberg "Rube-in-a-box" machine, aMaze machine and Marble Run.

We also specialise in projects utilising the Internet of Things, such as wearable gadgets and an App controlled SMART Lamp.

Please contact us for to discuss how we can help with your creative maker space.

Pinball constructionPinball prototypeRat-trap racer
Rube-Goldberg constructionRube-Goldberg prototypingSmart Lamp