3-5 year olds and Years K to 2

Young children are already great scientists without even knowing it.

This fun-filled 4-week hands-on program combines everyday objects and experiences with genuine scientific enquiry methods that children and their accompanying parents will thoroughly enjoy. Best of all, everyone will have a Little Bang Discovery Box to take home each week with a load of exciting items and activities to explore between sessions. The program concludes in week 4 with a graduation ceremony for the junior discoverers

The course is divided into the following sessions:

Session 1: Collecting and Classifying

Being a junior discoverer takes some special skills. In this first session you will learn how to sort and match objects from around the home and from the ‘Discovery Box’ we loan to you for the duration of the course.

Session 2: Measuring

In this session we will learn all about weighing and measuring – one of the first and most important skills of early discoverers. Learn how to balance unevenly weighted objects so you can make your own mobile at home.

Session 3: Experimenting

Today we will ask lots of questions and design our own experiments to find the answers. We put our measuring, observation and recording skills to the test. We will prepare you to undertake your own experiment at home for next week’s science fair.

Session 4: Science Fair

In our final session the children will take part in their very own science fair, sharing what they have discovered in their own experiment. Then enjoy more table-top science activities and finally there is a graduation ceremony where each child will receive a certificate.

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"Thank you so much for a truly amazing 4 weeks! The children had a wonderful time. It was fascinating to see how their interest and abilities grew from week to week. I thought Sandra's experiment with the jelly was brilliant. Science you can eat - maybe that's an idea for a new lesson?

The kids would have loved it if there were more sessions - we will definitely be doing this again."

- Kate Campion, Children and Youth Services Librarian, Hurstville City Library


"What a wonderful program Little Bang Discovery Club is for young children and their parents. We at Ku-ring-gai Library had four interesting weeks of discovering, classifying and experimenting. Our science educator, Wendy Preston showed great enthusiasm and the children showed such eagerness to share their findings! I think that it is an important science program, a program that instils a love of science in children and a program that we would love to have many more times in our Library. Thank you so much Wendy."

- Shoba Abraham, Children and Young Adults Services Librarian, Ku-ring-gai Council

Inspired by the eager and enthusiastic families that participate in the Little Bang Discovery Club program, Children’s Discovery Museum has written a booklet full of fun, simple experiments that you can do at home using items that are already on hand. Young children are natural scientists, inquisitive and curious, keen to learn and discover the world around them. This book encourages children to make their own discoveries through observation, investigation and experimentation and is written specifically for children aged between three to five years.

The Little Bang Book of Discovery is currently at the printers and will be available in hard copy or as an e-book you can download. More information coming soon.

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