Consulting & Training

Children's Discovery has developed an extensive range of specialty expertise in the design, development and production of interactive, educational experiences.

We are now pleased to offer our consulting & training services to organisations wishing to enhance their visitor learning experiences. We work with libraries, museums and discovery spaces across Australia and around the world.

Our work includes devising experiences for festivals and events, library and school STEM projects and unique visitor experiences in parks, museums and shopping malls.

Our work includes:

National Public Library STEM Initiative

Since inception, Children’s Discovery has trained and equipped 375 libraries from 105 Local Government Areas. Importantly, over 50% of this total has been delivered through LGA’s outside the metropolitan area. This has resulted in Children’s Discovery training over 500 librarians servicing 80,000 children (generally aged 3 to 12) per year currently engaged through all programs; Little Bang, Big Bang and Spark!.

Children’s Discovery also receives fantastic qualitative feedback from children, their parents and the libraries. This feedback centers on the ability for the programs to extend beyond the classes into the home, with increased interest in Sciences and critical thinking that creates ongoing conversations among siblings, parents and the wider community.

Early Start Discovery Space at the University of Wollongong

Our 10 years of experience in creating engaging, accessible and educational experiences contributed to the development of the Early Start Discovery Space within the University of Wollongong. Adam provided advice and evidence that ensured the base building and services would cater for visitor and staffing requirements, as well as the unique nature of the interactive experiences. The highlight feedback has been to hear visitors exclaim, "wow, you've thought of everything!"

Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013 - 2018

We provide workshops and experiences including Spectroscope, Kaleidoscope, Build It and Kids Dig. With the right balance of authenticity and simplicity we provide a world-class experience for children and families attending this extraordinary festival.

Qasr Al Hosn Cultural Festival in Abu Dhabi 2014 and 2015

Engaged to provide two experiences for this highly prestigious annual cultural festival. The Archaeology experience created curiosity around the history and culture of the first peoples to inhabit the land, and their trade throughout the ancient Middle East and beyond. Our Garden experience engaged families with simple but effective gardening techniques and ideas that would transfer to their home.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

We provided a solution to the Education Office of SOPA for education around waste water treatment, both natural and not. The Waste Water Trailer was an easy-to-use one-stop shop from which to run regular class-size programs.

The Water Cart was developed for the SOPA Education team to provide a landcare experience that involved transporting water and associated care to plants around the site.

The Water Catchment Model was created for the SOPA Education team to assist in lesson plan delivery about the unique Sydney Olympic site.