Children's Discovery has developed an extensive range of specialty expertise in the design, development and production of interactive, educational experiences.

We are now pleased to offer our consulting services to organisations wishing to enhance their visitor learning experiences. This includes working with many organisations to bring their style of joyful creative learning to communities around the world.

Our work includes devising experiences for festivals and school excursions and in parks, museums and shopping malls.

Some of our work includes:

Early Start Discovery Space at the University of Wollongong



Our 10 years of experience in creating engaging, accessible and educational experiences contributed to the development of the Early Start Discovery Space within the University of Wollongong.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013 - 2016



Workshops and experiences include Spectroscope, Kaleidoscope, Build It and Kids Dig.

Qasr Al Hosn Cultural Festival in Abu Dhabi 2014 and 2015



Archaeology experience

Sydney Olympic Park Authority


The Waste Water Trailer


The Water Cart


The Water Catchment Model