All children deserve the best start in life. Recent developments in brain research are widening our understanding of how critical the early years of life are for a growing child. The evidence shows that children exposed to early learning opportunities through playful endeavours will develop skills, confidence and an aptitude for learning that will remain with them for life.

It is our vision to influence communities with young children that adult-child playtime, enquiry-based play, imaginative role-play and support for learning will build community capacity. It is through developing a child's life-long love of learning that we raise educational aspirations that lead to better choices and more opportunities.

You can now visit our vision in action at the University of Wollongong's Early Start Discovery Space. Children’s Discovery Museum consulted on the building design and the production of the experiences. We put children and their accompanying adults at the centre of the design and the response from families has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate and encourage playful and meaningful learning between adults and the young children in their care. Learning is the key to realising dreams, and a nurturing environment facilitates a lifelong love of learning and aspiration. We are particularly involved in developing science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) skills.

Join us!

We rely on philanthropy, sponsorship and income we earn from consulting and events.  Please contact us to discuss how you might like to share our mission or call Adam on 0417 690 423.


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